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                                             Hala Romana 

I found myself at a very difficult point in my life and was in a deep state of depression. I had a lack of appetite, l lost an unhealthy amount of weight, became iron deficient, and battled insomnia. Hanna Rakowska came into my life at the right time and her supportive nature allowed me to feel open about my challenges. From the day that I first met Hanna, her bouncy enthusiasm for her work was infectious. She is a very knowledgeable professional who brings a nutritional approach that was easy to follow. Hanna, is very in tune with her clients, she gets to know your challenges, and goals, follows up consistently and continues to support you. For me, she supported me and went above and beyond. She truly works with her clients in a manner that best suits their needs. I got a better understanding of the nutritional content of various foods and how they worked together in the human body to aid in healthy living. It would be my pleasure to recommend Hanna Rakowska and would be most happy to speak about my personal experience in depth. Thank you, Hanna, for all you did to get my life back on track.

 Anda Popescu

I was a client of Hanna’s last year. She worked with me in addressing my osteoarthritis and digestion problems. I very much appreciated her professionalism and the clear, explicit, and concise way she presented the dietary recommendations she gave me. Along with a dietary plan, she also gave me wonderful recipes that were simple to make and let me enjoy healthy food. I highly recommend her as a passionate, dedicated, and knowledgeable nutritionist.

Kerry Hart

I have had the pleasure of knowing Hanna for over ten years now.  Hanna is  dedicated and devoted to the care of her patients. Her work ethic is undeniable. I highly recommend her. She is thorough, kind, and very practical. She has vast life experiences that in my opinion make her the person to go to for holistic nutrition.  I would definitely use her again and would have no problem allowing her to work with my family. Don't take my word for it. Contact her! It will be clear after just one minute of speaking to her.



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 Halina Westfal

Hanna worked with me after I suffered a severe fracture to my wrist one year ago and found out that I had osteopenia.  I had no idea that the foods I was eating might be contributing to my osteopenia, which could eventually lead to full-blown osteoporosis. Hanna educated me on the best foods to eat for bone growth and which ones to avoid for preventing bone mineral loss. My wrist ended up healing much faster than my surgeon expected, and it is fully functional now (something that we were not expecting). I truly believe that my body was able to heal as quickly as it did thanks to Hanna’s counseling and her recommendations. You will immediately sense her passion for helping others, and her knowledge is simply outstanding

Rudy Pospisil

I had to tell you that I went to see the internal medicine specialist to check on my high blood pressure. I told him about my diet changes and showed him data on two months of pressure tests, taken four times a day. He took a stress test, EKG, etc. He said, “You need no medicine at all. You can do a triathlon and climb Everest.” You see how many people are likely taking these mediations without realizing that diet and lifestyle changes can prevent this. Two doctors told me I had to be on medications for the rest of my life.

And don't forget how else you helped me. During my relapse of cancer after 10 years of cycling 3/4 of the way around the world for a cancer charity. I just set a world record up the steepest hill on Earth in New Zealand. My cancer came back and I had to come home for radiation. I was devastated. But you talked to me shared your story and your opinion and set me up with a great treatment recovery program to help me finish my journey. The oncologists just said good luck and goodbye. No radiation recovery foods probiotics nothing. I did. I crossed the Australian continent.  Across the deserts and set another world speed record along the 140 km longest straight road in Australia. I finished in Melbourne in December 2017 after 29,000 km. You are a more amazing person than you give yourself credit for! You deserve more credit. Thank you for your help. I owe you so much.

Rosana Sablic

Hanna Rakowska of Back to Balance Nutrition is an expert Nutritionist, who I came to know some years ago through my battle with chronic pain.  She was instrumental in helping me through my healing journey, which included surgery.  Hanna is extremely well-informed in the area of nutrition, which includes holistic foods and supplements.  She is amazingly creative with recipes and offers new ways to handle and prepare foods, and she is very generous in sharing her considerable wisdom.  Beyond these practical components, and perhaps most important is how heartfelt she is in her sincerity to help her clients.  Hanna is caring, nurturing professional, unwavering, and thoughtful in her tailored approach and commitment to each client. Of course, given her own background, she is particularly experienced in helping cancer patients fight the greatest fight of their lives, supporting them in their nutritional health, but she is also incredibly knowledgeable regarding a vast array of health conditions. Hanna Rakowska is a true angel and a devoted champion of all her clients.  It gives me great pleasure to recommend her services.

  Lisa Vollweiter, Vancouver BC

Hanna is awesome at giving health and nutrition advice. Full trust!

You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live.

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