Hi, I'm Hanna! 

After overcoming cancer as a young woman and witnessing the impact nutrition and other complementary therapies had on my healing, I decided to work in the field of oncology nutrition. 

I take the guesswork out of using natural interventions during and after cancer treatment, including dietary, nutritional, lifestyle, mind-spirit and other complementary therapies to optimize treatment outcomes, reduce treatment side effects, and help prevent disease recurrence. 

Are you facing a cancer diagnosis and feel confused and overwhelmed about how to eat and which natural interventions might support your healing? Taking control of your life starts with what's on your plate and within your soul. 

Gaining clarity around day-to-day dietary and lifestyle interventions, as well as complementary cancer therapies, will empower you to harness your body's innate healing ability so that you can experience the joy of living again. 




Nutritional & Complementary Therapies for Cancer Patients


The most common question asked by cancer patients is: What can I do at home to support my body during treatment? 

Cancer is a complex, multifactorial disease and requires a multifactorial approach in its treatment. By using a holistic approach that unites the healing power of the body, spirit, and mind, you can take back control of your life.  

Not all cancers require the same dietary and lifestyle interventions, and it is critical that an individual’s specific dietary requirements are assessed on an ongoing basis.

Through my coaching services, I provide evidence-based dietary and lifestyle interventions during and after cancer treatment targeted at your specific cancer type. 


My services include: 


  • ​Individualized one on one coaching to provide you with dietary, supplement, and lifestyle interventions that are tailored to your cancer type and targeted at suppressing cancer growth and supporting your body during and after treatment. 
  • Online self-paced programs that deliver evidence-based information targeted at preventing and suppressing cancer through dietary and lifestyle habits.
  • Speaking engagements and workshops on nutrition for cancer patients and cancer prevention through diet and lifestyle habits.




Why do I need dietary and other complementary interventions

during cancer treatment? 

Your dietary and lifestyle choices are the most important tools in your toolkit when facing cancer. They enable you to: 

  • Take control of your health with a holistic approach 
  • Support the body's innate ability to heal
  • Gain the physical and emotional vitality to meet the demands of treatment and recovery
  • Improve treatment outcomes while reducing toxicity of medical treatments 
  • Strengthen the body’s natural defense mechanisms and immune system's ability to target cancer cells 
  • Tame treatment side effects and relieve disease-related symptoms
  • Optimize recovery after treatment
  • Reduce the risk of disease recurrence


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Client Testimonial

I was first introduced to Hanna shortly after starting my breast cancer treatments. I was in pretty rough shape. Fatigued, in pain, with inflammation throughout my body. I had digestive issues, sleep issues, and was stressed and anxious. Hanna got me back on track to a balanced state of health.

Leah Avery 

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