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articles Jan 17, 2023

I've done many interviews in the last few years, but rarely have I done one that I feel truly satisfied with. I got to be a guest on my friend Stacey Heiny's life-changing podcast, The Herban Farmacy. If you don't follow Stacey on Instagram at @theherbanfarmacy yet, you are TRULY missing out. This woman is the guru of holistic living and has inspired me to live a healthier lifestyle in more ways than I thought existed. Her passion is teaching about the importance of avoiding environmental toxins and how to live a low-tox lifestyle.

In this podcast, we dive into how I used complementary cancer treatments to overcome lymphoma in 2006, including my trip to a research institute in Lima, Peru, where medical doctors use Andean plant medicine alongside conventional therapies to treat cancer. We also cover foods that cause cancer and their specific mechanisms, as well as foods that combat its development.

I'm so grateful to Stacey for giving me this opportunity to share how I healed from cancer by using an integrative approach and why, in my opinion, this should be the standard of cancer care. I truly think that this was the most valuable interview I've done to date for people facing a cancer diagnosis or supporting someone else.

I hope the insight we share empowers and inspires you to embrace healing on every level. 

Listen to the episode here.

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