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Want to know how to eat to reduce your risk of cancer and other chronic diseases?

In North America, the risk of a cancer diagnosis in your lifetime is nearly 1 in 2Diet is the DIRECT CAUSE of up to 35% of all cancers[1] .*

What type of diet should we eat? There are mountains of (mis)information out there, and it’s hard to know who to trust.

I’m here to tell you that you can experience optimal health without spending thousands of dollars or time on countless specialists, taking different medications, buying fancy specialty foods, or following the newest fad diet. 

All you have to do is make the commitment to putting your health first for the next 7 days.

Join the 7 Day Anti-Cancer Kickstart to discover the most scientifically validated diet for reducing your risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.



This course is for cancer patients, cancer thrivers, caregivers, and anyone who is interested in cancer prevention.

The 7-Day Anti-Cancer Diet Kickstart is for you if:

  1. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and feel confused about what you should eat during treatment to best support your body, mitigate treatment side effects, and enhance treatment outcomes;
  2. If you’ve finished cancer treatment and want to learn about how your diet can help rebuild your health and prevent recurrence, but you don't know who to trust;
  3. If you’re a caregiver to someone with cancer or who has finished treatment and you want to learn about how to support them with nutrition but you aren’t sure where to start or who to turn to;
  4. If you have a family history of cancer and you want to do everything in your power to protect yourself against the disease; Or if you’re simply interested in cancer prevention, and want to learn about how your diet can help rebuild your health and prevent recurrence, but you don't know who to trust;


this course is for you.


The 7-Day Anti-Cancer Diet Kickstart is packed with epic value, including seven daily training videos, a weekly meal plan, 15 cancer-fighting recipes, access to our online support community, and two bonus resources. 


  • How cancer develops
  • The true causes of cancer
  • The link between diet and cancer
  • The optimal diet for prevention and suppression
  • Foods scientifically proven to fight cancer
  • How to meal plan with ease and create delicious, cancer-fighting meals

In the 7-Day Anti-Cancer Diet Kickstart, discover what science has shown for decades about the optimal diet for cancer prevention. Learn how to prepare meals using cancer-fighting foods with bioactive substances that have been shown to prevent, arrest, and even reverse cancer-promoting mechanisms in the body.

You’ll receive a 7-day meal plan with matching recipes, access to a registered nutritionist and the support of a like-minded community to supercharge your health in ways you’ve never dreamed of!

The information in this course is strictly evidence-based as found in the medical literature and echoed by nutrition experts around the world.

Reduce your cancer risk TODAY, not after a cancer diagnosis.


Discover the diet that’s been scientifically proven to reduce the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases, enhance cancer treatment outcomes and reduce the risk of disease recurrence. SPECIFIC foods have POWERFUL anti-cancer properties that can suppress tumor development. Including these foods in our daily diet is critical.

A Whole New Way of Taking Control of Your Health

This is not another fad diet that claims to prevent chronic diseases. It’s about using evidence-based nutrition that’s been in the medical literature for decades.

Course Delivery

7 Self-Paced Video Modules + Bonus Trainings and Guides

Accessible Anywhere You have Internet Access

PDF Course Guide, 7-Day Meal Plan, Recipe Package, Grocery Shopping List

Access to My Private Facebook Group and Weekly Live Q & A

It’s time you put your health first. The 7 Day Kickstart will help

It’s time you put your health first. The 7 Day Kickstart will help.  

Day 1:

The Groundwork

Get to know me, my mission, and why you really are what you eat.

Day 2 :

Cancer Defined

Learn about how cancer develops, its prevalence around the world, and statistics around cancer development in one’s lifetime.  

Day 3:

Cancer Causes & The Power of Prevention

Most people are in the dark about the powerful link between lifestyle, diet, and cancer. Discover the true causes of cancer and how you can reduce your risk by changing what you put on your plate.

Day 4 :

Diet & Cancer

The link between cancer development and diet is stronger than most of us realize. Dietary habits cause approximately one-third of all cancers. I’ll show you why your food choices matter and how they impact cancer development. 

Day 5:

The Optimal Cancer-fighting Dietary Pattern

It’s not about adopting a particular diet, but a dietary pattern. I’ll help you get clear on the science around the ideal dietary pattern for not only cancer prevention but also prevention of other lifestyle-related chronic diseases.

Day 6:

Foods that Fight Cancer

Learn about scientifically proven cancer-fighting foods and foods that have been shown to increase your risk of cancer. I’ll teach you the science behind these mechanisms in an easy-to-understand way.

Day 7:

Anti-Cancer Meal Planning 101

Every successful dietary protocol starts with meal planning. I’ll show you how to incorporate cancer-fighting foods in your daily diet while easily substituting cancer-causing foods with delicious options. I’ll show you how to create healthy, irresistible dishes.

What Do You Get In The 7 Day Anti-Cancer Diet Kickstart?

The 7-Day Anti-Cancer Diet Kickstart is packed with epic value, including seven daily training videos, a weekly meal plan, 15 cancer-fighting recipes, access to our online support community, and two bonus resources. 


Daily Training Videos

Daily self-paced training videos guide you through each step of your 7-Day Anti-Cancer Diet Kickstart with up-to-date information on how to eat a cancer-fighting diet.

PDF Guide

This PDF guide contains evidence-based information on the link between cancer and diet. 

7-Day Meal Plan

A complete meal plan makes your dietary changes easier.

Recipe Book

15 plant-based recipes create the cancer-fighting culinary creations in your weekly meal plan. 

Grocery Shopping List

A shopping list contains all the ingredients you’ll need to make meal planning a breeze on your new health journey.

Daily Guide to Cancer-kicking Foods

This evidence-based guide features scientifically proven cancer-fighting foods and their recommended daily servings. Stick it on your fridge and save it on your phone for easy access when grocery shopping. 

Group Support

Get full access to our exclusive private Facebook group. Join all of our Anti-Cancer Diet Kickstart rock stars and get direct access to weekly live Q&A sessions with Hanna!

Let’s take control of your health.

Register for the 7-Day Anti-Cancer Diet Kickstart to learn how to use food to prevent and suppress cancer growth, improve your overall health, and prevent other chronic diseases.





Here’s what’s inside:

  • The 7 Day Anti-Cancer Diet Kickstart PDF Guide ($65 value)
  • 7 self-paced training videos (over 2 hours total) ($150 value)
  • 7-Day Meal Plan($65 value)
  • The Anti-Cancer Recipe Package (15 nutritionist-created cancer-fighting plant-based recipes) (breakfast, lunch, dinner) ($65 value)
  • Grocery Shopping List ($15 value)
  • Daily Guide to Cancer-kicking Foods($40 value)
  • Access to my Private Facebook Group + weekly Live Q & A ($150 value)
  • BONUS: The Complete Guide to Cancer-Kicking Smoothies ($65 value)
  • BONUS:Plant-Powered Meal-Planning Made Simple (training video) ($40 value)

Total Value: $655



Then, in exchange for that small investment,  

you get ALL of this… 

An information-packed PDF guide to cancer-fighting foods, 7-day meal plan, recipe package, grocery shopping list, access to a Registered Nutritionist, and the support of a like-minded community to supercharge your health!


Meet Hanna

Before being diagnosed with lymphoma when I was 20, I was living a lifestyle I thought was ‘healthy’. I didn’t know how my diet and lifestyle impacted my health. Nutrition helped me beat cancer, so I went back to school to become a nutritionist. As a cancer survivor (cancer-free since 2006), I am sharing my scientifically backed, cancer-fighting dietary formula with people all over the world who are ready to start PROTECTING THEMSELVES NOW—not after a cancer diagnosis. I’m giving you the information I wish I knew BEFORE my cancer diagnosis. The information I share in this course is what I’ve used for almost a decade to support my clients during and after cancer treatment, and those interested in prevention. 

The information I share in this course is what I’ve used for almost a decade to support my clients during and after cancer treatment, and those interested in prevention.

The course costs $47 to join. This includes the content and materials.

Are you ready to unlock the power on your plate to start protecting yourself against cancer?



The Complete Guide to Cancer-Kicking Smoothies

Smoothie recipes packed with immune-boosting, cancer-fighting, protein-rich nutrients (without protein powder).

Plant-Powered Meal-Planning Made Simple

training video

A training video to make plant-based meal planning and preparation a breeze!

Total Value




Get Instant Access to the 7 Day Anti-Cancer Diet Kickstart!

If you’re ready for better health, vibrant energy, and a supercharged immune system, this is the ultimate kickstart digital mini course to making it happen. 


The 7 Day Anti-Cancer Diet Kickstart will help you to:

  • Transform your eating habits to reduce your risk of cancer and other chronic diseases
  • Teach you about the link between diet and cancer
  • Show you how to include specific cancer-fighting foods in your daily diet
  • Inspire you to create simple, healthy, and delicious plant-focused meals
  • Enhance your nutritional status
  • Increase your energy
  • Improve your mental health
  • Optimize your gut health and digestion
  • Support your weight management
  • Boost your immune system and energy levels
  • Supercharge your body’s natural defense systems

You Don’t Even Have to Spend Thousands Of Dollars...

Which means you can have optimal health without spending the time and money seeing countless specialists and being placed on different medications or buying fancy specialty foods or the newest fad diet.

All you have to do is make the commitment to putting your health first for the next seven days...


But why should I eat a cancer-fighting diet if I don’t have cancer?

According to the American Cancer Society, the lifetime probability of a cancer diagnosis in your lifetime is nearly 1 in 2 in North America. 

We ALL make cancer cells daily that take 10–40 years to become detectable. Our bodies make defective cells all the time, which is how tumours are born. Dietary factors can promote or arrest these microtumours—a golden opportunity to intervene in the process of tumor development.

The #1 mistake people make is believing cancer development is out of their control.

Science shows us that this idea couldn’t be farther from the truth. Cancer is largely a preventable disease. In fact, it is more preventable than treatable.

Emerging research shows lifestyle factors may cause up to 95% of all cancers, while genetic defects cause only 5–10%.

Whether you’re facing a cancer diagnosis or want to be more proactive about prevention, you don’t have to live in fear anymore. You just need the right information, tools, and support. 

YOU are the champion of your health and healing. The time to take control of your life is NOW.

All you have to do is make the commitment to putting your health first for the next 7 days.


Meet Past Clients and Kickstart Participants

I would encourage anyone who is or has a loved one who is fighting cancer to get in contact with Hanna at Back to Balance Nutrition and take the 7 Day Anti-Cancer Diet Challenge. She is incrediblypassionate and knowledgable about being healthy both during and after defeating cancer. I really believe she is the best of the best. When my family and I felt hopeless about the doctor's prognosis on my father's life (12-18 months max- and only if he could handle the extensive chemo and radiation that would only help to prolong but not save his life) we turned to alternative options. Hanna was there with support and advice and she was so positive and CERTAIN her suggestions would help. Well sure enough, we are at the end of the 18 months, dad was never sick during treatment, he has been feeling really great overall and surprising us all he went back to work full time. He continues to follow the regime back to balance suggested and is continuing to beat the odds. His cancer, although very aggressive and terminal has not progressed and doctors encourage him to continue "whatever it is he is doing!" My family and I cannot thank Hanna enough for her skill and expertise. From the bottom of our hearts we thank you, we are forever grateful. You are an absolute ang

- Jessica Threinen

I am totally grateful. I am seeing physical progress on the new diet. My energy levels are improving and I also lost less hair during my latest chemo with the new diet in place. The swelling on my abdomen is also getting back to normal again. I have fewer digestion problems now. And, I am feeling pretty much back to normal, where I don't need any medication anymore such as my water pill.

- Sebastian Shaw

Wayne had brain surgery for his gliobastoma on January 1, 2016. His prognosis was 18 months. He has a few issues unavoidably caused by the surgery but is happy and healthy with Hanna's help. She gave us a guide for his diet and physical well-being that has supported his ability to keep the cancer at bay. We will keep on with this valuable guide and are grateful for her ongoing help. It is my pleasure to share how much you've made a difference in his life!!

- Carol Gazda

Hi Hanna, thanks for your webinar. I definitely learned a lot. Wish l'd been eating better years ago to help prevent cancer and other chronic illnesses. Your seminar was comprehensive and easy to follow and I can't wait to get started with eating this way!

- Larry Gray

Hello Hanna, thank you for hosting the 7 Day Anti-Cancer Diet Challenge workshop. Very useful information and well laid out. Both myself and my brother who is undergoing cancer treatment participated in your workshop. I'm interested in receiving the tofu marinade that you referred to in your presentation, as well the list of anti-cancer foods.

- Loretta Woodcock

I was first introduced to Hanna shortly after starting my breast cancer treatments. I was in pretty rough shape. Fatigued, in pain, with inflammation throughout my body. I had digestive issues, sleep issues, and was stressed and anxious. Hanna got me back on track to a balanced state of health. Within the first 4 weeks of following the individualized plan she put together for me, I could already see and feel improvement. My pain and inflammation levels from the chemo decreased and became manageable, my energy levels increased, my bloating and heartburn resolved, and my digestive issues improved greatly. My stress and anxiety became almost nonexistent. I was able to complete all my chemotherapy appointments on time because my blood work stayed within the normal range. I also lost my post-chemo weight faster than I had prior to these dietary and lifestyle changes. The weight came off within one week as opposed to three weeks after previous chemo sessions. After a few months on the plan, I had very few issues anymore. When it was time to prepare for surgery, Hanna created another plan to get my body strong and ready for surgery, and then again another plan for post-operatory recovery. My radiation treatments went well with only little reaction and I healed quickly because I was taking care of not only my external but also internal health. Hanna has been a tremendous help. Her dietary and lifestyle recommendations are a big part of what got me through treatments as well as I did. She is an absolutely wonderful person to work with and I look forward to continuing to work with her toward my greater health during my continued recovery.

- Leah Avery

Hi Hanna, your 7 Day Anti-Cancer Diet Challenge was very informative, and I love workshops on how to prevent health illnesses - and truly believe in this theory. But when I hear your talk, it is inspiring to keep reducing the bad stuff and pump up the good foods more. I love the list of anti-cancer foods that you mentioned at the beginning of the course, and the whole recipe package! I really appreciate your time in doing this to help us all. Have a good night.

- Laura Fines

Hi Hanna, thank you, Hanna, this was a great course. I learned a great deal. I was wondering if I could have the presentation and any handouts. I would, if I could like to share this with my brother who completely changed his diet two years ago after barely surviving a brain stem tumour. He is much better, but still on the mend, the road is long and challenging. I am have been making efforts to mend my ways too, more of the fruits, veggies, legumes, whole grains, etc, but again the road is full of challenges after years of the old ways. Fortunately I have been reasonably active in my lifestyle, so that has helped. Thank you! 


Hi Hanna, thank you so much for your really excellent course! I feel inspired to think more carefully about my food choices now. I really appreciate so much the handouts, recipes and resources. Best and thanks again!

- Adele

Thank you for the fantastic course, Hanna. I love your recipe package and all the other information that you provided. It was a lot of information to absorb but critical to know. Really appreciate the information. Thank you so much!

- Constance Wong

Thank you so much for the course, Hanna! Tons of excellent information! I loved all that was offered - the presentation, recording, etc.

- Jennifer Umezuki

Hello Hanna, Thank you for the terrific updated info for old science on food too!

- L.R.

Diagnosis followed quickly by surgery and treatment left me feeling a bit like a bystander to what was happening. It all happened around me and I just hung on. Hanna shows us that we do have some control of our own health and well-being during cancer treatment and beyond. She gives us practical advice on what to do, how to do it and backs it up with science. I wish I had found her during treatment!

- Karen Higgins

We stand behind our training and offer a 14 day money-back guarantee as long as you’ve completed the videos. No questions asked!


Transform Your Health with the 7 Day Anti-Cancer Diet Kickstart Today!


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